Medistore > Novis

Effective 1 July 2017, Medistore Australia has been consolidated into parent company Novis Healthcare, as part of an overall reorganisation and simplification of the existing Group structure. This will allow us to streamline our administration processes – and ultimately expand the service and support we offer all our customers.

From July onwards, the Medistore business will operate under Novis’ ABN, with no other significant change to our day to day operation. Notification has been issued to all our customers. Novis’ Terms and Conditions and Product Warranty remain as previously published by Medistore.

You’ll notice some subtle changes to our website and many product brochures over the coming months. For now the Medistore site will remain, with a full transition to a new Novis site within 12 months. We look forward to supporting a seamless transition for all our customers and business partners.